We offer policy development and formulation services for private and public sector related organizations, ministries or departments and agencies.

These policies have specific targets and come in the form of approaches, schemes, timelines, schedules and programmes. These services have public consultations and inclusiveness put into consideration.

With the experience our development consultants have gathered over time, we are rightly placed to provide Development planning and administration services. Development plans can be developed for Organizations and Governments at National and Sub-National Levels.

Our development consulting services include:

  • Human Capacity Development
  • Community Capacity
  • Development/Deployment of Monitoring, Evaluation & Data Collection Services.
  • Impact Assessment Services
  • Healthcare
  • Partnerships for Development
  • Policy Development Services/Advocacy
  • Development Planning & Administration Service
  • Programme & Project Management Services
  • Qualitative Review of Projects & Programmes
  • Project Mapping Services
  • Needs Assessment Exercise
  • Human Capital Training/Systems Strengthening
  • Procurement & Logistics
  • Project Design& Strategic Planning
  • Social Impact Projects Modelling & Roll-out

We have served a wide range of companies and agencies in the local and international front.

With our expertise as top class consultants, we have coped excellently in catering to the needs of our clients.

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