Over the years, our team of communication experts have executed high level communication consultancy and provided PR services, development and production of various publications, production of documentaries, production of compendiums, development and production of corporate brand and profiles across various such as; UNDP, USAID, Inter-Bau Foundation/GIZ, DRC, HRC, NEPC, Federal and State agencies etc.

Whatever your needs, we’ll be your partners in navigating the challenging communication landscape.

Our communication services include:

  • Communication Strategy Development
  • Branding, Graphics Design & Publishing
  • Social Media Management
  • Traditional Media Publicity
  • Video and Documentary Production

Branding is one of the most important aspects of any business. A very effective brand strategy gives an organisation a major edge in the competitive markets. We help clients develop an approach that will engage with their target audience, nurturing customer relationship and creating brand loyalty.

We understand how it is important for an organisation to be unique and how it is necessary to show customers just how your business is different from other businesses. Great designs can be used to explain complicated information and can in turn influence customers and partners.

Seven Star Consult offers a wide range of graphic designs that will suit any type of organisation. We also provide organisations with the most comprehensive offering of integrated publishing services.  We offer service elements to support the organisation’s in-depth content knowledge and to enhance publishing capabilities.

We create content, edit, layout, design and print magazines, brochures, project reports, annual reports, success stories, manuals, fact sheets, calendars and many more for organisations.

It is a known fact that having a strong social media presence for a business is an essential form of marketing/organization publicity and public engagement.

With Seven Star Consultants, an organisation will never have to worry about social presence being updated. We are here to implement all aspects of our client's custom social media strategy.

At Seven Star Consultants, we develop traditional media plans and strategies for clients. We closely work with varied media agencies to roll out media and publicity plans for our clients.

We use a combination of Television, radio, newspaper, flyers, and billboard medium amongst others to achieve the desired marketing and publicity goals.

We provide documentary production services for features, behind-the-scenes, success stories campaign initiatives and much more. We produce both short and long form documentaries that tell in-depth stories in a compelling manner.

We have served a wide range of companies and agencies in the local and international front.

With our expertise as top class consultants, we have coped excellently in catering to the needs of our clients.

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