We offer policy development and formulation services for private and public sector related organizations, ministries or departments and agencies.

These policies have specific targets and come in the form of approaches, schemes, timelines, schedules and programmes. These services have public consultations and inclusiveness put into consideration.

With the experience our development consultants have gathered over time, we are rightly placed to provide Development planning and administration services. Development plans can be developed for Organizations and Governments at National and Sub-National Levels.

Our development consulting services include:

  • Human Capacity Development
  • Community Capacity
  • Development/Deployment of Monitoring, Evaluation & Data Collection Services.
  • Impact Assessment Services
  • Healthcare
  • Partnerships for Development
  • Policy Development Services/Advocacy
  • Development Planning & Administration Service
  • Programme & Project Management Services
  • Qualitative Review of Projects & Programmes
  • Project Mapping Services
  • Needs Assessment Exercise
  • Human Capital Training/Systems Strengthening
  • Procurement & Logistics
  • Project Design& Strategic Planning
  • Social Impact Projects Modelling & Roll-out

Seven Star engages in actions that help individuals living in communities recognize and develop their ability and potential and organize themselves to respond to problems and needs which they share.

Our focus on community participation aims to build active and influential communities based on social justice, equality and mutual respect.

We operate in ways which challenge oppression and tackle inequalities. It involves changing the relationships between ordinary people and people in privileged positions, so that everyone can take part in the issues that affect their lives. Our Community Participation activities involves, but not limited to:

  • Socio-economic Advocacy
  • Community Development Programs
  • Values & Cultural Re-orientation

Critical to improving living conditions and removing barriers to improved quality of life is building and strengthening the human capacity.

At Seven Star Consultants, our aim is to increase human and institutional capacity and improve performance at organizational, workgroup and individual levels. Interactive workshops, seminars, technical training sessions and related activities are frequent components of our work to address gaps in knowledge and skills.

Seven Star provides a broad range of programs and services designed to sustain and enhance the skills of communities and professionals.

In today's Information technology environment, any development project/program’s success greatly depends on its ability to get accurate and timely data on its operations of varied nature and to manage this data effectively to guide its activities.

Data is the main ingredient of information and thus, there is a swift need for it to be generated easily and quickly for flexible and useful information.

Monitoring is the routine daily assessment of on-going activities and progress and evaluation is the periodic assessment of overall achievement. While monitoring looks at what is being done, evaluation considers what has been achieved or what impact has been made.

The information gathered from monitoring and evaluation will be useful to our clients, their development partners, executing agencies, user groups, impacted communities and the general public.

It is note-worthy that good monitoring, supervision, evaluation and data collection improves project outcomes to the benefit of all stakeholders.

Seven Star Consultants helps develop and implement tailored Impact assessment services to Organizations for the evaluation of the impact of products, projects and programmes on People, Policies, Organizations, the environment etc.

The processes involved generally include;

  1. An agenda setting where the scope, resources and specific objectives are defined to aid in delivering accurate results/findings.
  2. The development of assessment tools which can range from printed out questionnaires to be filled by research assistants to data enumeration using android devices.
  3. The findings from the data collection exercise and oral interviews are analysed and represented in both prose and graphic formats.
  4. A report of the impact assessment findings is generated with recommendations to be implemented by the client.

Although healthcare development challenges can vary from region to region, health systems around the world have the same objective: to finance and deliver the highest possible quality of care to the maximum number of people at the lowest possible cost.

Seven Star helps organizations that span the international healthcare value chain, including multi-lateral and bi-lateral funding agencies, academic institutions, foundations, non-profit organizations and private sector companies, to solve some of the most complex healthcare related development challenges. We support the delivery of effective health solutions tailored to local circumstances and markets.

Whether it's working with governments and organizations to implement national health development programs, implement research & development/healthcare solutions to scale or respond to global health crises, Seven Star Consultants is a trusted partner that can help develop and improve health outcomes. We bring a global perspective and an understanding of how healthcare really works.

Seven Star Consultants partners with various organizations – individuals, private sector, civil societies, NGOs and governments to advance the development of communities in across the globe.

Seven Star is open to all forms of partnerships as long as it does not contradict our code of ethics and the very essence of our existence. Effective cross-sectoral partnerships can make it possible to overcome challenges that are too difficult or complex for one organization or sector to address alone.

Partnerships can also make efforts more effective by combining resources and competencies in innovative ways.

Collaboration can enable companies and organizations to better achieve their own individual objectives through leveraging, combining and capitalizing on complementary strengths and capabilities.

Our team of development experts provide assessments and research to institutions, government agencies and international non-governmental organisations on human capital gains encompassing economic growth, inclusive societies to accelerate investments in people for greater equity and sustainable development.

Over the years, we have provided intrinsic technical support to project managers across various sectors for humanitarian response and development issues.

Our project managers and development specialists ensure that clients are offered the best solutions built from a wealth of experience and evolving trends in view of distinctive conditions.

Seven Star Consultants Ltd have an unrelenting drive to efficiently design, implement and disseminate research and evaluation results to tackle development problems.

Our specialty lies in the ability to develop tailored solutions that answer to specific audience and context.

Due to our innovative and relatable research methods, State governments and INGOs are assured of results emerging from painstaking data collection process, meticulous data analysis, program effectiveness and the monitoring and evaluation nexus.

  • Designing samples, data collection protocols, and instruments
  • Conducting surveys through a variety of data collection methods
  • Analyzing, reporting, and presenting findings
  • Protecting all processes and data through quality assurance and system security

At Seven Star, we understand that the modern policy environment requires a data-driven approach and an expert knowledge of the regulatory process.

We help agencies, decision-makers and policymakers develop regulatory processes, methodologies and policy analysis that drive a full spectrum of public services, from socio-economic impact to environmental impact.

We offer a full suite of services to assist clients and institutions who develop, promulgate, and implement regulations, including:

  • Reviewing outcomes of policy actions
  • Evaluating the paperwork burdens of proposed actions
  • Supporting the development of proposed and final policy making decisions
  • Summarizing and analyzing public comments and facilitating public involvement through research and stakeholder engagements.
  • Developing implementation plans, communications strategies, and training and outreach programs

We showcase the opportunities and dynamics of specific markets within various industries such as agriculture, extraction, technology, etc.

We help clients identify existing market opportunities, associated risks and innovative market ideas that suits  clients’ contextual market needs.

Our approach to market studies enable clients to make informed decisions about possible strategies.

We help clients visualize executed projects and programmes through compendiums, success stories, documentaries.

Our communication experts are equipped with modern equipment to provide high quality visual representation of your projects on-site and off-site.

Seven Star survey and data collection professionals provide objectivity and a deep understanding of development-focused programs and best practices.

For more than a decade, we have conducted expert research with a combination of sampling techniques, mixed-methods and technology-enhanced research methodologies, and local-language interviewing.

Our end-to-end survey and data collection capabilities include:

  • Telephone interviews with computer-aided quality control
  • Quantitative survey with ODK or Kobo tools to enable interviewer enter participants’ data electronically when appropriate
  • Data coordination for research protocols, establish procedures, maintain quality control, and produce standardized data sets for analysis
  • Face-to-face interviews via computer to contact hard-to-reach populations, data collection activities, and facilitate communication

We have served a wide range of companies and agencies in the local and international front.

With our expertise as top class consultants, we have coped excellently in catering to the needs of our clients.

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