Development And Deployment Of Monitoring, Evaluation And Data Collection Frameworks/Systems

In today’s Information technology environment, any development project/program’s success greatly depends on its ability to get accurate and timely data on its operations of varied nature and to manage this data effectively to guide its activities.

Data is the main ingredient of information and thus, there is a swift need for it to be generated easily and quickly for flexible and useful information.

Monitoring is the routine daily assessment of on-going activities and progress and evaluation is the periodic assessment of overall achievement. While monitoring looks at what is being done, evaluation considers what has been achieved or what impact has been made.

The information gathered from monitoring and evaluation will be useful to our clients, their development partners, executing agencies, user groups, impacted communities and the general public.

It is note-worthy that good monitoring, supervision, evaluation and data collection improves project outcomes to the benefit of all stakeholders.

We have served a wide range of companies and agencies in the local and international front.

With our expertise as top class consultants, we have coped excellently in catering to the needs of our clients.

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